Your Online Account

Online Account Access ~ The City of Cedar Springs offers FREE online access to your account information including utility billing, taxes, assessing, special assessments and miscellaneous receivables.

Please click HERE to access your account information

Credit Card Payments ~ You may also make a credit card payment on-line.  There is a fee associated with this service. That fee goes to a third-party administrator and is not established nor collected by the City of Cedar Springs. Please make sure you understand how much that fee will be prior to submitting payment as the City does not have the ability to refund any fees associated with on-line payments.

To pay your bill on-line, you must first access your account. Once you access your account, there will be instructions on how to pay via credit card. If there is not a balance owing on your account, it will not give you the ability to pay anything towards your account.

If you are having difficulty understanding the on-line payment process, please call our office 696-1330 x 101 and we will be happy to walk you through it. Please understand that we do not have the ability to accept credit card payments at our office.