Fire Department

New County Truck Delivered to Cedar Springs, March 2009

New County Truck Delivered to Cedar Springs, March 2009

The Cedar Springs Fire Department is a fully volunteer/paid on-call fire department providing fire suppression, emergency medical services, rescue and other services to the City of Cedar Springs and a portion of neighboring Nelson Township.  The department is comprised of 20 firefighters and medical first responders.

On April 12th, 2012, Deputy Fire Chief Martin Fraser (Marty) was appointed by the City Council to the Fire Chief position.  Marty has served with the Department for over 35 years.

Chief Fraser is looking forward to leading the fire department and serving the residents of Cedar Springs and Nelson Township. The majority of calls for service are medical calls followed by fire calls, vehicle accidents and fire alarms.  In 2011 the Cedar Springs Fire Department responded to over 699 calls for service.

To contact Fire Chief Fraser, call 616.696.1221 or by email to

 Burn Permits

The City of Cedar Springs and Nelson Township require property owners to apply for burn permits.  Call 616.696.1221 and leave a detailed message.  Fire Department staff will return a call to you in timely fashion.

Please read the City’s burning ordinance before lighting any chimnea or fire pits.  Failure to understand the City’s burn ordinance does not preclude issuance of a ticket.
If you do not receive a return phone call within 24 hours, it may be because you do not live within our fire jurisdiction.  Click HERE to view a map of our fire jurisdiction.  We only issue permits for City residents and the portion of Nelson Township that we service for fire protection.

Prior to lighting any fire, please familiarize yourself with burning regulations established by the Michigan DNR.