Public Works

Water or Sewer Problems?

If you believe you have a sewer plug, call the DPW immediately.  The DPW will check the main and possibly save you the expense of calling a plumber.  If you develop a water or sewer problem after normal working hours and you believe it may be a problem with the City’s line(s), please call 696-1330. Be prepared to write down the pager # of the DPW personnel on duty. Call the pager # and enter the telephone number where you can be reached.  Your call should be returned immediately.

Preferred Waste Hauler Information

The City has an Preferred Waste Hauler Agreement with Ever Kept Disposal to provide curbside trash collection and curbside recyclingfor residental customers.  Residents are not required to contract with Ever Kept Disposal, however, the City requires Ever Kept to be licensed and insured and accountable for the service they provide.   You may call Ever Kept Disposal at 616.669.2047 for information or visit their at

With the preferred waste hauler contract with Ever Kept Disposal, the City has phased out its lawn waste collection program.  Residents now have several options for lawn waste collection:

  • Continue using paper bags.  You must make arrangements with Ever Kept Disposal for collection.  If you are not an Ever Kept customer, you need to become an Ever Kept customer or make arrangements with your current carrier for collection.
  • Sign up for a yard waste cart.  You can do this by contacting Ever Kept Disposal.

Brush Chipping & Leaf Collection

We do not chip brush for tree removals or lot clearing; please contact a local tree service for that service.  Brush should be stacked neatly with the cut end facing the street (no vines, stumps or shrubs.) No brush larger than six inches in diameter will be picked up.  The DPW crew will make one trip through town and will not return once a street has been picked up.  The City only chips brush twice – once in the spring and a final pick up in the fall.

Residents should rake their leaves to the curb and wet them down (if possible) to prevent them from blowing away.  The DPW crews make continuous trips through town during the collection period.   Staff shortages during deer season may cause delays for a day or two, but leaves will be collected as quickly as possible.

Mulch and bark from chipping and leaf vacuuming is available to City residents during the spring and summer months.  Please call 696-1330 x 108 to make arrangements to pick up the free bark and mulch at the City’s composit site located at the end of West Street.

Street Light Outages

Is the street light in front of your house burned out…or flickering?  If you notice an outage, please report it to Consumers Energy.  They have a convenient on-line form to submit street light outages; you can also call their toll free number 800-477-5050.  Lets keep our neighborhoods safe and well lit!

High Water Bill?

A running toilet or dripping faucet can waste a tremendous amount of water.  If you suspect a leak, contact us immediately 696-1330 x 108.  While we do not credit for leaks, we can offer suggestions to pinpoint the location.  Homeowners should repair the leak(s) as soon as possible to avoid high water bills.   If the leak occurs between the shut-off valve (usually at the street) and the building, the leak is the responsibilty of the homeowner.  If you suspect a leak in the main public water line, the repair will be performed by the City.

Current Water/Sewer Rates:

Utility Billing Rates:

 Sewer Debt           $15.35/unit

Sewer Usage          $4.66/1,000 gallons

Water Debt            $4.69/unit

Water Usage           $3.65/1,000 gallons

Billing Late Fee     10%

Turn on/off fees      $35 each ($70 total)

Final Read Fee         $35

Real Estate Inspection Fees      $70

DPW after hours service calls    $111 (2 hour minimum)

Storm Drains

Storm drains and ditches lead directly to our creeks and rivers.  Any motor oil, pet waste, leaves, grass clippings or run-off enters the drains and into surface water without being treated.  In addition, over-fertilizing your lawn causes chemicals to wash into our watershed.  Never over-fertilize your lawn or dump anything into a storm drain or into a ditch.