Parks and Recreation Board

The Cedar Springs Area Parks and Recreation Board was created in 1986 as a public authority to provide a variety of coordinated recreational activities for the community.  It was established for the purpose of planning and administering a system of public recreation, playgrounds, parks and other recreational facilities for the citizens of its member units.  The Parks and Recreation Board is a unique partnership between Cedar Springs Public Schools, the City of Cedar Springs, and Nelson, Solon, Courtland and Algoma Townships and is comprised of members representing those units.

Members of the Cedar Springs Area Parks and Recreation Board are: Leigha Compson  (Algoma Township;)  Deb Brunett (City of Cedar Springs;)  Patricia Eary and Shannon Vanderhyde  (CS Public Schools;) Sally Smith and Mark Tabor (Nelson Township;) Alex Ader (Courtland Township) and Stephanie Morris (Solon Township.)

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