Report Street Light Outages


Do you have a street light that flickers or doesn't work?  Please let Consumers Energy know when those lights need repair.  Street lights are not metered, so we (taxpayers) pay for the electricity based on a formula of daylight hours and wattage.  … [Read more...]


Parking Ordinance Changes

Woman on a Cell Phone in a Snow Storm

For several years, Council Members discussed the City’s parking ordinance and the changes that were necessary to simultaneously work for property owners with limited room to park and for those who do not want to see their property values and quality … [Read more...]


Financial Summary and Performance Dashboard


As part of Governor Snyder's plan to encourage transparency within local government, the City has completed it's requirements for the financial summary and performance dashboard.  Click HERE for a link to the information. … [Read more...]


A Piece of Our History Has Been Saved

Flowing Well - Mid Restoration

Thanks to the generousity of North Kent Well, the Cedar Springs Flowing Well is flowing once again.  The City received several donations for the restoration project, the largest being labor and materials from North Kent Well.  The well was officially … [Read more...]


Appliance Recycling through Consumers Energy

Want another cool way to save money? Recycle that second refrigerator or freezer you have running in your garage or basement. If it’s more than 15 years old, it’s using up to four times more energy than today’s refrigerators and could be costing you … [Read more...]