Cedar Springs Area Parks and Recreation

3-on-3, August 2008

3-on-3, August 2008

The Cedar Springs Area Parks & Recreation Board was created in January 1986 as a public authority.   The Cedar Springs Area Parks and Recreation Board provides a variety of well coordinated recreational activities for the members of the community. The Parks and Recreation Board is a unique partnership between Cedar Springs Public Schools, the City of Cedar Springs and Nelson, Solon, Algoma and Courtland Townships. The Board was established for the purpose of planning and administering a system of public recreation, playgrounds and parks or other recreational facilities for the citizens of its member municipal units.


To coordinate/provide recreational facilities and activities for all ages in the Cedar Springs area community.

Amanda Gerhardt is the full-time director who is working to provide new, healthy and better recreational activities in the Cedar Springs area community. Her phone number is 616- 696-7320


To see our activities please click on the link for the Parks and Recreation’s website. We have registration forms and calendars on the site, plus links to all of our supporting organizations websites. Our website is