Elmwood Cemetery Rules

Please take note of the following rules for Elmwood Cemetery.  The City reserves the right to remove or trim any tree or shrub or unsightly flowers.  This also includes removal of items that do not contribute to the beauty and dignity of the Cemetery.

The rules include:

  • No fence or enclosure of any kind shall be placed on or around any burial unit.
  • Glass containers, wire pins, shells, stones, tin cans, wooden crosses, balloons, solar lights and statues are prohibited.
  • Digging holes in the sod is also prohibited.
  • Urns or flower containers shall be placed on the side of the head stone. They should not encroach on other spaces.
  • There is a limit of two decorations per space, of which one may be a Shepherd’s Hook.
  • Pots may not be larger than 24 inches in diameter.
  • Any grave decorations left after November 1st will be removed.
  • Wreaths and sprays are permitted after Thanksgiving for winter decoration.
  • No grave blankets are allowed.
  • Foundations for headstones must be installed by the City Department of Public Works.
  • No permanent plantings of any kind are allowed.
  • All winter decorations must be removed by March 1st.


  1. I just read a comment about enforcement of seasonal parking rules. Why not enforce cemetery rules and remove the large deer statue, balloons, and other gaudy paraphernalia on graves? These things make the cemetery look more like a gypsy camp instead of a place of rest.

  2. We will forward you comment on to the DPW Director for him to investigate if there are items placed on the sites that do not meet our rules. While we always hope that people exercise good judgement (especially at the cemetery) regrettably, we cannot mandate good taste or tact in all instances. One person’s definition of gaudy may be beautiful in another person’s eyes. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Kathy. We will take a look around at Elmwood.

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