Report Street Light Outages

Do you have a street light that flickers or doesn’t work?  Please let Consumers Energy know when those lights need repair.  Street lights are not metered, so we (taxpayers) pay for the electricity based on a formula of daylight hours and wattage.  Even when the light is out, we still pay.  Click HERE to report a street light outage.


  1. Please leave link on City web page for reporting street light outage. I clicked HERE to report a street light that has been out for a long time on the corner of Second and Church Streets. A miracle happened and we have “light” in less that a week.

  2. It will rotate down through the posts so it may not remain on the first page, but it has been posted under [Departments] [DPW] for the past year or so. We will leave under the DPW page indefinitely. Thanks for reporting the outage.

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