City Council Passes Medical Marijuana Ordinance

  The City Council has adopted Ordinance No. 167, an  ordinance amending Sections 40-5 and 40-461 and adding Sections 40-134 and 40-167 to the City’s Zoning Ordinance regulating the dispensation of medical marijuana within the City of Cedar Springs.

 This ordinance regulates the dispensation of medical marijuana as a Home Occupation.  This regulation is intended to ensure that home occupations remain subordinate to the residential use and that the residential visibility of the dwelling is maintained and that the home occupation is not a detriment to the character and livability of the surrounding neighborhood.

Home occupations must be approved by the Zoning Administrator who will issue a permit upon receipt of an application and the payment of a processing fee.  Inspections of dwelling units will be conducted by the City’s Building Inspector.

The dwelling unit for the home  occupation must conform to all applicable zoning district requirements and must be operated entirely within the main building.

A registered primary caregiver must be located outside of a 1,000-foot radius from any school property or library.

All medical marijuana must be transmitted, dispensed, given, delivered, provided and/or distributed by a registered primary caregiver at the Patient’s residence or other location of the patient and shall not be transmitted, dispensed, given, delivered, provided and/or distributed at the location of the home occupation.

This ordinance prohibits marijuana dispensaries, collective and cooperatives.

This ordinance is effective August 25, 2011.

A complete copy of the ordinance is available by clicking on the following:  medical marijuana ordinance

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